Former Fort Worth Cop Charged With Murder

JusticeHe resigned on Monday. Former cop who killed black woman in her home charged with murder.

The video released by police shows two officers searching the home from the outside with flashlights before one shouts, “Put your hands up, show me your hands.” One shot is then fired through a window. The officer does not identify himself as police.

I can recommend an opinion piece in the National Review. When Cops Create Their Own Risk, Innocent People Die for Their Mistakes.

The video is puzzling and shocking. After receiving a call to a non-emergency number requesting that police check on a neighbor’s house that had its doors open and its lights on, police approach silently. They look into an open door and into a brightly lit room, but they don’t say anything. They then creep around the house, moving from light to dark. They use a flashlight. They keep moving around the edges of the house.

Suddenly, in a mere moment, one of them spots movement in a window. The officer yells for the shadowy figure to put up her hands and then immediately fires a shot.

That also covers other incidents, where people were given conflicting and impossible instructions by cops, and then shot for noncompliance. With impossible instructions.

6 thoughts on “Former Fort Worth Cop Charged With Murder

    • Sadly yes. He saw a black woman, shouted put your hands up and shot in less than 3 seconds. She didn’t have time to comply, even if she heard him. Even if she knew he was a cop.

      You can say race doesn’t enter into it, but you would be kidding yourself. He was sure a black woman couldn’t own the home in question, so she must be a bad person.


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  2. The guilty verdict for moron cop Amber Guyger provides a dime Ray of hope that a small portion of justice was done….but her 10 year sentence (of which she will serve less than half) waters down the actual justice done. Perhaps this criminal pinned to a badge will also be convicted…..though I won’t hold my breath. The odds are still good he will be acquitted.


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