Secret Service K9 Honored for 2014 Event

the PDSA Awards are a big deal. Secret Service Dog Honored For Defending White House From Intruder.

One of the most interesting things about this story is the description of working security.

“Security is 99 percent hanging out waiting for something to happen and 1 percent something actually happening,” Mirarchi recently told Coffee or Die. Still, they remained vigilant and ready for one of those singular moments to occur.

The dog, apparently, is often asleep during that 99 percent.

Working dogs are not pets, but Hurricane earned his pay, got early retirement, and now lives the good life with his old handler, Marshall Mirarchi.

So in October of 2014, some knucklehead jumps the White House fence and runs toward the mansion.

Mirarchi continued. “Although it was not a situation I would deploy him in, it was our only option at the time. I knew he would get it done if I could get him locked on the right guy. The second he got target lock, I let him go. He took off and weaved in and out of the team members in front of us and took the intruder right off his feet. It was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen a dog do from that distance in those conditions.

Then it’s a wrestling match between a 200 pound miscreant and an 80 pound dog. They dog did eventually have help from the rest of the Secret Service.

If you have 7 minutes or so, click thru and watch the video.