Self-defense and Don’t Talk to Police in One Story

You have the right to shut up. EPD: Fatal shooting behind Sportsman’s being investigated as possible self defense.

Because of the convoluted nature of our legal system, you can’t just remain quite, it’s my understanding (I’m not a lawyer) that you need to actually say something, like you would like to talk to them, but you are going to wait to confer with your attorney before answering questions as is your right under the 5th Amendment.

One witness, an employee on break at the restaurant, reported seeing a man fall to the ground and being beaten up before shots were fired.

The “shooter” (victim?) was taken to a local hospital.

Police are not releasing the identity of the man with the gun because he is the subject of an ongoing investigation. The man has not spoken to police, invoking his fifth amendment rights, Cullum said.

As for not talking to the police… The video below is worth watching, particularly if you carry a concealed weapon, but really for everyone.

I love this video. A lawyer (and maybe a law-school professor, certainly he is speaking at a law school) tells you why you should never talk to police. The first 7 minutes contain some laughs that are also worth your time, and the whole thing is less than 30 minutes, and includes all of your reasons why talking to the police is OK in your case, and why those reasons are wrong. Really 100 percent wrong.

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  1. Interesting video. Would be fun to be in his class although he presents like an infomercial host !!
    As he also pointed out, most people don’t know how many times a day they are going about their normal (non criminal) life and are actually breaking laws.

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