HOAs Are Just Evil

This is one of the more stupid actions a home owners’ association has taken. Woman whose son was killed in Aurora warehouse shooting told by North Carolina homeowners’ association to remove Aurora Strong flag.

So this grieving family was threatened with fines of $100 per day, because flag poles are evil in the view of the HOA.

“I contacted the association and said to the architect, can I tell you about the five people who were murdered and the five policemen who were shot? Can I tell you about the other people who will never be the same who were there that day?” Kendra said.

Once the story was picked up by a local news station and the idiocy of the board was on public display, they backed off on the fines, but still want the flag pole gone. Or at least moved. And they only want her to fly the flag honoring her dead son one day out of the year.

6 thoughts on “HOAs Are Just Evil

  1. My dear wife has already stated we could never live in an HOA…’Dad would wouldn’t tolerate that crap.’ is what she told our Boys…

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  2. A friend’s son lived in a HOA area and a twit complained about a car he was working on in his fenced back yard. You had to climb a ladder to see it. The son worked for the city so he went around to all the HOA members houses and noted which ones were in violation of city ordnances and turned the list in for prosecution and also IIRC took out a notice in the local penny press . Very shortly a live and let live policy was established with the son.

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  3. Never buy a home in a HOA, on a beach, on a mountain (prone to slides), near a river–and make sure you have enough land so your neighbors are not right on top of you.

    Trust me, you will like it better.

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    • I researched my current home at the recorder’s office back to the US Army survey of Ohio (1840s?). No covenants or restrictions.

      5 acres. Pond (for fresh water). No hurricanes, mudslides, flood zones, or pyroclastic flows, and I’m even outside the ash plume of the last 2 eruptions of the Yellowstone Super Caldera. (Though that last was more dumb-luck than planning.)


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