Self-defense in Michigan

This would-be bad-guy made a bad decision, and has had a tough couple of months as a result. Intruder shot with .357 Magnum during home invasion pleads no contest.

I looked, but apparently didn’t have a post on this incident when it first happened.

63-year-old guy wakes up to the sound of someone trying to break in. Grabs his .357 magnum revolver. When the guy does break in, he shoots from the hip hitting him twice.

After two months of medical treatment, Elrod was arraigned and charged with one count first-degree home invasion, which was dismissed in his no contest plea of second-degree home invasion.

My favorite bit of this whole story…

The homeowner called 911 to report the shooting but hung up and got dressed after telling the dispatchers they “were asking too many dumb questions,” police said.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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