Problems in the VA? Color Me Shocked

Government run medical care. A Vietnam vet found covered in ant bites is forcing the Atlanta VA to finally reckon with years of dangerous practices.

Surgical instruments not properly sterilized. After-surgery care ignored. Malpractice. Oh, and bureaucratic ass-covering.

The answer lies in part in a system where complaints were buried, whistleblowers faced retaliation, and punishment of administrators for wrongdoing was rare, according to observers.

288 complaints filed with the Inspector General in just 2 years. “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

One thought on “Problems in the VA? Color Me Shocked

  1. I understand and agree that our veterans should have medical care but why does there need to be the huge inefficient bureaucracy that guarantees failure like this? Why can’t vets be part of the regular medical system through vouchers or the such?


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