Deputy Brian Ishmael

End of Watch. Neighbors Shocked By Gunfire That Killed Deputy Brian Ishmael.

An El Dorado County deputy was shot and killed while investigating a theft at a marijuana garden in rural El Dorado County early Wednesday morning.

And neighbors were shocked, but then they always are.

One thought on “Deputy Brian Ishmael

  1. I know the area where this happened…it’s extremely rural. A LOT of wineries and other agricultural businesses, plenty of retired and well off people. A very low crime area even for Kali. This shooting was without a doubt a DIRECT result of the fact that marijuana is illegal. Making it illegal makes it valuable. Making it valuable creates a black market. Black markets mean cash….LOTS of cash.
    This is a recipe for violence. The late Glenn Frey talked about it best in his song “Smugglers Blues”. This deputy died because stupid people addicted to control made a weed illegal.


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