Get Woke, Go Broke

I’m sorry but this movie “franchise” should have ended after T2. Is this movie 6? New ‘Terminator’ Flops at Box Office.

It looks like the movie will lose about $120 million.

So the director (who also did Deadpool, so he has some ability) said if you were conservative you would be scared by the female terminator. Okay.

It’s funny how Ripley of Alien or Alice of Resident Evil or Evelyn Salt of Salt or Sarah Connor, at least as portrayed in T2 (who kicks ass and takes names) or Mallory Kane of Haywire (a totally underappreciated film, BTW) didn’t scare conservatives. But Okay, a strong, female lead is supposed to scare conservatives. Because you are either Woke AF, or a misogynist. At least according to the director, Tim Miller.

And more about Tim Miller

So, this auteur tells us, the world is divided into “enlightened” people, on the one hand, and “misogynistic Internet trolls” on the other. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay $12.50 to be insulted by a two-hour cinematic Gender Studies lecture is therefore a misogynist. As I explained in July (“SJWs Ruin New ‘Terminator’ Sequel”), the reason hit movies become hits is because they usually follow classic formulas, expressing themes with a timeless appeal.

That division of the world is pretty much Hollywood’s view of “flyover country.”

I don’t expect Hollywood to learn. They’ve had opportunities before this. (Does anyone remember The Fantastic Four reboot? How about Ghost Busters?) It will take a couple of studios shutting their doors after a string of box-office flops before anything changes. Which is why I don’t go to see movies anymore. They make the same movie over and over again. (How many times has A Star Is Born been made? 4 or 5?) They take classic intellectual property and piss all over it, because they can’t imagine anything being important to anyone. In short, they suck.

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