In Any Other Part of Texas, Someone Probably Would Shoot This Guy

But this was deep blue Austin. South Austin neighborhood concerned with APD response time to machete wielding man attempting to break into homes. Oh, and also, don’t have an emergency at shift-change.

So a guy is trying to break into homes, and someone calls 911. 23 minutes later, cops arrive. The good, apparently unarmed, citizens of Austin are upset to discover that when seconds count, cops are minutes away.

As for the shift-change…

“He told me that I called at shift change and it would’ve taken longer to dispatch someone from a different area,” the neighbor said. “I wish that they had just responded quicker.”

You know that shift-change excuse might have made sense in 1930, when the best way to communicate was face-to-face, but cops need to figure out how to get any announcements made via technology, and stagger start times, so that there is always some minimum level of coverage.