Self-defense in Deep-blue New York?

Who could have imagined that? Homeowner shoots intruder during alleged home invasion.

The Genesee County Undersheriff says a person forced his way into a home on Clinton Street overnight, appeared to be in possession of a gun, and demanded cash from the homeowner. That’s when police say the homeowner got a long gun, and shot the suspect.

So when I see the media using a term like “long gun,” I am usually willing to bet that what they really mean is an AR-15, but they don’t want to admit that such a weapon can actually be used for home defense. Because do you think they would have avoided using “shotgun?” Of course I’m cynical. It could just be the term used by the sheriff’s spokesman.

In any event, self-defense is a human-right. Though I’m sure in this case “investigation continues” is bureaucratic-speak for “we are trying to figure out how to charge this law-abiding, homeowner with a crime.”