Cops and Their Shoot-first Policy

Over nothing, or an open door, people are getting killed. ‘Egregious’: Medical alerts, tripped alarms and open doors have all gotten people killed by police at their homes.

You shouldn’t be killed because you left your front door open on a warm evening. But that’s exactly what happened to Atatiana Jefferson.

Dick Tench was shot because the Medical Alert on his mother-in-law’s cellphone went off, by accident, around midnight. When a flashlight was shown in through the window, he assumed someone was up to no-good, and armed himself. He was shot shortly after that. Because of a fucking medical alert.

Tench says the deputy who shot him never announced himself as law enforcement before he opened fire. In Jefferson’s case, the officer failed to identify himself as police and shot her less than a second after screaming, “Put your hands up. Show me your hands,” according to police officials.

More than one cop on the scene? They will be shouting conflicting orders at you. Because training doesn’t include “only one set of instructions.” Training doesn’t include much, it seems.

They “feared for their lives.” Because they never thought being a cop should be dangerous. Or something. And yes, I get it. Cops have a dangerous job. More truck-drivers die on the job every year. And the fact that cops have a dangerous job doesn’t mean they get to shoot at everyone in America who is exercising their Second Amendment rights.