Texans Freak Out Over Cold Weather

Though the memes are funny. Hilarious memes go wild as cold weather hits Houston, rest of Texas. Click thru for a laugh.

Though the Midwest is experiencing real cold. Chicago Weather Today: Arctic Blast Breaks 4 Winter Records, Extreme Cold To Continue.

Marking extreme cold conditions, Chicago weather slipped into unseasonal bitter cold breaking at least four weather records in terms of snowfall, minimum and maximum temperatures in less than 24 hours.

That is the record for the coldest high-temperature-of-the-day record.

And it isn’t just Chicago… Arctic Blast Grips Parts Of the U.S., With Snow And Record-Breaking Cold

An estimated 300 cold-weather records are expected to be tied or broken by Wednesday. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates 30% of the continental U.S. is covered by snow.

Though Texas is having cold weather, at least by Texas standards.

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    • One of my best memories of interviewing in Miami in March was sitting with a bunch of Floridians, who were all wearing winter coats. I was in shirtsleeves. (I think it was about 65 degrees.) Having gone on the interview, at least in part, to escape a record-setting Chicago winter, I thought it was summer time.

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