Changes to Layout in Works

I have finally had enough of the limitations of my current WordPress layout. But since I can’t have access to the Cascading Style Sheets, unless I pay, I am stuck choosing one of their stock themes. So I’m not sure I expect the changes to be an improvement exactly. But I will see where I end up.

If things look a bit strange, from time to time, well, let me know if there is an actual problem.

The real problem is that WP is PUSHING everyone to adopt this damn block format. Which is fine if you are selling shoes, but I’m not.

3 thoughts on “Changes to Layout in Works

    • Neither am I, particularly.

      I am trying to find a theme that is accessibility-compliant, that has a right-hand side bar, and isn’t forcing me into the block format that WP is so in love with today. Which granted, if you are selling shoes, or whatever, makes good sense. But they have a one-size fits-all approach to the world that is beyond annoying.


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