Never-ending Waiting Lists for Surgery in Canada

Because actually performing surgery is expensive. ‘Slosh, slosh, slosh’: the maddening, twilight world of medical waiting lists | Neil Macdonald.

If you wait long enough, the patient will die, and you won’t have the expense.

Our treasured health care system is corrupt, in the sense that not all of us are treated equally

The keep “misplacing” his name, so he’s been waiting for years.

And amazingly, once he got the media involved, the waiting list evaporated, and his surgery will be performed immediately. I wonder how that worked?

If you’re connected, or rich, or powerful, it’s one thing. If you’re Bill Bagyan, it’s another.

And operations are rationed, which is something that goes undiscussed. But of course we are all expected to pay the taxes that fund the system, aren’t we? Everyone gets to do that. Bill Bagyan, a former engineer, did so for decades.

This is what happens when you make the DMV responsible of health care. I can’t wait until we have socialized medicine! (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.)

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