Relatives of Dead People Don’t Like Self-defense

This may be self-defense and it may not be. The investigation is ongoing. That doesn’t stop people from a rush to judgement. Self-defense or murder? Veteran’s family urges police to arrest shooter.

And as per usual, “He was a great guy!” etc. etc. “I can’t believe he would do this.” They always say the same thing.

Now I don’t know if this is self-defense, or not, and I refuse to speculate. But it is a universal condition, this hating of self-defense.

One thought on “Relatives of Dead People Don’t Like Self-defense

  1. This story reads like a series of tragically stupid events (or outright lies). I would not want to have to make a call on this situation. No statement from the 16 year old in the truck that would have been a primary witness??


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