The Grammys STILL Don’t Understand Metal

Because the suits in the entertainment industry have no vision. Have The GRAMMYs Finally Accepted True Metal?.

Historically, the Best Metal Performance GRAMMY is kind of a joke. When the award was first introduced as the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal in 1988, and was given to Jethro Tull over Metallica, it was an announcement to the world that the GRAMMYs didn’t understand the world of heavy music other than that it was enough of a money-maker that it had to be acknowledged.

If you are completely without a clue, Jethro Tull was NEVER Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. They were the height of Progressive Rock. They had flute-player out in front a good part of the time. See Living In The Past if you’re confused on the subject.

This year they stiffed Tool for “Best Heavy Metal Performance” on “7empest,” and recognized High On Fire, a Thrash Metal band. Of course they did. They ignored Lacuna Coil’s Black Anima album. Mastodon’s cover of “Stairway to Heaven,” Delain, and their 2019 album Hunter’s Moon. (Oh no, are some of those European? What a shock, when the American companies won’t support Metal. Even Kamelot – from Tampa Bay – has to go to Europe for a record label.) They don’t understand metal. They never will. It isn’t clean, and fun. People sing about pain, grief, growing old, you know… Life. And besides isn’t all Metal Thrash? You mean there’s more than one kind? Fucking Idiots.