Self-defense Is Legal in New Orleans

JusticeAnd the Prosecutors hate that. Jury acquits man who shot ex-boxer Fouad Zeton’s son, claimed self-defense.

All this over an argument over the closing time of a bar.

Prosecutors said Nero inflamed the situation by taking out the weapon and forfeited his legal claim to self-defense when he pointed it at his friend.

He only shot when the other guy made a “punching motion” in his direction. This was after the guy had backed up an entire block. As for the DA’s position on what causes you to give up your right to self-defense, the jury didn’t buy it. They came back in 4 hours with a verdict of “Not Guilty.”

One thought on “Self-defense Is Legal in New Orleans

  1. Retreating for a full city block from an aggressor before shooting is a pretty good affirmative defense that firing was justified. And yes…..DA’s and most politicians HATE the concept of ‘self defense’ for us mere mundane sheep.


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