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OK. I admit that the formatting of this week’s post is a bit off. I’ve been in a food-induced stupor for the past 2 days.

And it isn’t all the fault of the turkey. There was also ham, and potatoes, and 2 kinds of sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole, and stuffing, and cranberries, and that doesn’t even cover the homemade scones for breakfast and the 5 kinds of desert. I’m a bit surprised that there is a links post at all. (And sadly, all too much of it contained gluten, so the stupor will likely last for a few days at least. But it is only once a year.)

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain has an update on his battles with bureaucracy. Administrivia : The Other McCain

This Is Why There Will Be A Violent Separation In FUSA – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

90 Miles From Tyranny : Migrant gang attack on white teenager shocks the Netherlands

UPDATE: Sources Say Suspect in London Knife Attack Is NOT From Belgium : The Other McCain

MaddMedic finishes this with, “Hell.” What. The. – Freedom Is Just Another Word… I say Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Is CNN Just Dragging People In Off The Street Now??

And because I need to have a Thanksgiving entry… The Adventures of Roberta X: Thanksgiving — And Cooking

Because Climate Change was certainly a topic for most of us at some point over the holiday… The Feral Irishman: It Is All About Control

From the Barrel of a Gun: Just Saying… What are all the things that 21 should be the age for? Voting?

Whistleblowers are sacred to democrats, but only if they harm the GOP | Flopping Aces

A Gentle Reminder About Deplatforming | Adaptive Curmudgeon

I hope you had a good holiday, and that you are enjoying this weekend.

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