She’s Not There

Santana, the group headed by Carlos Santana, has had a fairly amazing history. 25 studio albums, 14 of which hit the Billboard top 10. An appearance at Woodstock sort of catapulted them into the mainstream’s consciousness. Lot’s of changes in personnel and style over the years.

This song is “She’s Not There” by Santana from the 1977 double album Moonflower. It included both studio and live tracks.

4 thoughts on “She’s Not There

  1. Contra Costa College, San Pablo, Calif. in 1968 Santana came to play in the auditorium no one knew who they were or what they looked liked. I fell in love with them the first 5 notes they played that night. Got their first album with the black and white lion on the cover. Every cut on the album is absolutely excellent. I still play it after all these years. Keeps me happy and warm to listen to it.
    Then they went to Woodstock in 1969 and then the Universe knew who they were for the next 51 years.

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  2. The Zombies ~ She’s Not There (1964) was there when that came out also. Your missed it by a whole decade, mobiuswolf .


    • Well, to be fair, the Santana cover is from 1977. And it did get a lot of radio time. It reached high enough into the Top 40 to be everywhere.


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