The Millau Viaduct

The Millau (me-you) Viaduct in the Tarn Valley in France is an amazing bit of engineering. It is 336 meters tall, with the longest span being 342 meters. The road bed is about 270 meters above the ground at the highest point. Construction started in October of 2001, and the bridge opened in December of 2004.

The image below (photo by Wolfgang Pehlemann) is a panoramic photo of the bridge from 2019. Click on the image for a large view, and more information.

Panorama of Millau Viaduct

And of course this bridge reminds me of The Sunshine Skyway south of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Below is a short (3 minute) video titled Assembling the World’s Tallest Bridge about the construction. There are longer, more complete documentaries, but most of them are at least 45 minutes long. They are easy enough to find if you’re interested.

I’ve tagged this as “Super Machines” because of the mechanism that built the bridge. The translator is quite amazing really, and reminds me of walking excavators, like Big Muskie or the RK-5000.

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  1. The engineering and construction of that bridge is amazing. But, I will always love the old school, brute force of the old steel bridges.

    Yes, II know it’s not feasible to build old school any more or for that distance (BUT IT WOULD BE AWESOME !)

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