Solving Murders (Or Not) in Minneapolis

JusticeI’m shocked that things are getting worse for police in a progressive city. As homicides rise in Minneapolis, arrest rate drops.

Minneapolis mirrors a national trend: While homicides and other violent acts have declined for years in most cities, police are solving fewer of those crimes.

There are lots of reasons, but foremost – even in the Star Tribune’s coverage – is that the people no longer cooperate with cops. They put a liberal spin on it, but hey, it’s their city.

2 thoughts on “Solving Murders (Or Not) in Minneapolis

  1. They have an anti cop Mayor, a beta male, a city council with more of the same. Both have come out against cops carrying guns…They have a terrible opioid/opiate problem that you hear nothing about. And they are all for the Climate Change scam…And a bit of an issue with ‘immigrants’..

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