Oh, Those Lovable Socialists And Their Internment Camps

The names change, but the strategies remain the same. NorCal City Asks Permission to Essentially Incarcerate Homeless Population.

So there are a lot of homeless people in California. (It is impossible to build affordable housing, and government programs to do so are just scams.) So the mayor of Redding, California wants to lock people up, because that is what communists and socialists do. But hey, it is a “state of emergency” or something.

As Vice points out, that’s basically incarceration. “There’s a lot of reasons why this kind of approach is not likely legal,” National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty legal director Eric Tars tells the publication. “I would call it an internment camp, or a concentration camp. If it’s not a jail, then what else could it possibly be?”

The hat tip goes to MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… who notes the historical precedents.

Once they get started who is next?

Once they outlaw guns…

Think Hitler/Stalin/Mao….

It is a fair question. If you can be locked up for interfering with (or disagreeing with) your socialist betters’ way of life, where does it end? Why, where it always ends, of course.