So Why Did It the DA Take So Long?

The real headline could be “DA drags feet on admitting officer justified in defending himself” No Charges for Wisconsin Cop Who Killed Man Wielding Cleaver.

And he wasn’t just brandishing the meat cleaver.

[Caledonia Police Officer David] Baird needed 23 stitches to his head.

I think that qualifies under the heading of “a reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm.” I mean, what did they expect the officer to do at that point? So what was the prosecutor considering while deciding if this action was justified or not? OR – Why the F@#^ did it take from August 18th of this year until the first week in December to come to the “justified” conclusion? Because DAs HATE self-defense. And besides, DAs are elected, so they have to pander, because no matter how cut and dried a situation is, someone will be screaming about brutality.

3 thoughts on “So Why Did It the DA Take So Long?

  1. One factor…at least in shootings involving cops….is the DA wants to be absolutely SURE he has ALL the available facts/ evidence. Nothing a DA hates worse than issuing a statement and then having some video come along to show the whole thing was a cluster f**k and the DA was wrong in their decision. And this has NOTHING to do with justice or due diligence. It is quite simply done because
    a DA is a political animal and ‘optics’ are everything….so they don’t like facts popping up after they’ve rushed to judgement. Pretty much every decision an elected politician makes has getting REELECTED as a major factor in the process.


    • So you really think it took MONTHS for the DA to review the hospital records that show the officer was hit in the head with a meat cleaver?


  2. To review the records? No. To wait and see if someone popped up with cell phone video that may or may not have made a difference? Possibly. A lot of cities and police agencies have been burned and embarrassed by issuing statement in support of an officers actions only to have some citizen post video to the web after said statements that made it obvious that the official narrative was garbage. A smart DA or mayor is going to not rush to judgement….one way or another until some time has passed by that would allow for any such surprise evidence to surface.


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