When You Put the DMV in Charge of Health Care…

You don’t get perfect results. NHS hospitals pay out almost £600MILLION in compensation to patients over three years for failing to diagnose diseases including cancer.

There have been 4,097 payouts, totalling £583million, to patients who didn’t receive a crucial diagnosis.

It means that the NHS is settling claims at the rate of 26 every week at a cost to the health service of £3.7million every week.

And despite this, NHS is going forward with a plan to ration tests even more. Why? Because that money comes out of a different part of the budget, with different people responsible for managing it, and they never talk to the litigation folks and what that is REALLY likely to cost. You know, like a cost measure in human lives and unnecessary suffering. And millions of pounds. But they’re helping. And besides, they have cost-cutting targets imposed by another group, who also don’t talk to litigation. I’m sure someone got a commendation for that rationing plan.

I can’t wait until we have socialized medicine!

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