The Nexus

Amaranthe is a bit hard to categorize. Some Death Metal. A touch of Beauty and the Beast (the Gothic Metal sub-genre, not the musical). Some call them Metalcore (a mix of Metal and Hardcore Punk), some call them Melodeath (Melodic Death Metal.) A lot of their stuff has a distinctive pop flavor, I think that comes from the nature of Elize Ryd’s voice. They have 3 vocalists, to cover all those bases. Elize Ryd, Nils Molin and Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson. There is something for everyone.

This song is “The Nexus” by Amaranthe from the 2013 album The Nexus.

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  2. If it wasn’t you that turned me on to them a couple of months ago, someone whose blog I read did. In any case, I’m grateful. I love her voice. I can live without the ‘metal growl’ but I’ve always liked strong female vocals… I particularly like “Drop Dead Cynical” and “Digital World”

    I stopped listening to metal somewhere around Ozzy and Gunznroses, metalica etc.

    I was very happy to find that there is a lot of new metal that I like. The youtube recommendations have coughed up lots of good stuff since then.


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    • Happy to help. American music, and in particular American Radio, doesn’t really know what to do with Metal. Even when some of my favorite stations will play the old metal (that you mentioned) they ignore even better stuff from Europe because they think all metal is thrash. It’s too bad really, because there are a lot singers like Ms. Ryd who sing some great rock and roll.


    • And yeah, the Death Metal Death Growl does take a bit of getting used to, but some bands make great use of it. Though there is plenty of music that doesn’t trip over that. Like the Power Metal group Kamelot or Symphonic Metal group Delain. I particularly like Charlotte Wessels’ (Delain) voice.


  3. I’ve been loving music on youtube. I know they are bad actors in the conservative world, but they made it possible to completely bypass the traditional music industry. Good with the bad.

    Lindsey Stirling, Post Modern Jukebox, Patty Gurdy (electric hurdy gurdy fer pete’s sake!), leo covers, the hu (mongolian biker metal!), freaking PIRATE inspired rock, it’s all there and totally unlike commercial radio. I love electroswing, glitchhop, and I’m upgrading my computers speakers and adding a subwoofer after 20years of not particularly caring… mainly because of one or two bloggers introducing me to new music on youtube!

    For that matter, I haven’t watched tv in a couple of years but I watch independent creators on youtube every day. That completely bypasses traditional tv too.


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