Defenseless Victim Zones

Doing the same thing, and expecting a different outcome, is one sign of insanity. A Pensacola Postscript | Power Line

President Trump has instructed military base commanders to rethink policies about allowing military personnel on bases to be armed. Like so many reforms of the Trump era, it is long overdue.

How many attacks on military bases have to be endured before “We’ve always done it that way” changes?

2 thoughts on “Defenseless Victim Zones

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  2. From the time I went on active duty in 1975 and as a reserve until 2006 all my duty stations had a no weapons status even after the attacks since 911. The active duty personal pay the price for that decision. The officer in command does not although he/she/whatever does not. An attack on a military station should result in the immediate removal of the commanding officer. After 911 they inspected all vehicles entering a military station and at times the contents of our vehicles. What happend to living quarter inspections? They were done on enlisted and officers.

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