Chicago Police Chief Kills System Known for Abuse

And the politicos thinks it will harm minorities most. Beck’s decision to abolish merit promotions could shortchange blacks and Hispanics, aldermen warn.

Okay, okay… He’s the interim police superintendent.

Politics and who you’re friends with as a basis for promotion, will be replaced with written tests. And so the alderman don’t like that. Objective standards? We can’t have that!

Taliaferro acknowledged merit promotions have been fraught with politics over the years and a bitter source of contention among the rank-and-file because the standards are so murky.

But just because a system has been abused for years doesn’t mean that Chicago should get rid of it. Or something.

Not everyone will be sad to see it go. Interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck suspends merit promotion system.

The union didn’t like it.

Critics claim it allowed the unqualified to move up — since officers could be promoted to the ranks of detective, sergeant and lieutenant, based on time of service and recommendations — regardless of their exam scores.

Two years ago, even the justice department criticized the practice for lacking transparency.

Second City Cop was not so delicate in his denunciation of the “merit” system. Well Well Well.

Well, we can say with a high degree of certainty, that upwards of 90% of CPD scandals centered on or were led by a “merit” pick. We hope you don’t doubt us. Special Ops, Broken Star, Flagg’s crew, pederast “merit” Sgt Elkins, “merit” Sgt Lesner’s gun, Johnson’s IRS scam, “merit” Sgt Elizondo, the continuing Escamerit follies, Johnson’s johnson, the list is near endless and in every case, a “merit” supervisor or someone brought onto a team by a “merit” supervisor, even if the supervisor avoided direct responsibility.

But since Charlie Beck is only in Chicago for a short while…