More Ransomware Targeting Health Care

Because of course they are. At some point this stops being news. Zeppelin Ransomware Targets Healthcare and IT Companies.

And it is important to note that this is a phishing (may be spear phishing) attack on health care.

In a new report from Cylance, researchers have discovered the Zeppelin ransomware being used in targeted attacks against IT and healthcare companies. In at least some of the attacks, Cylance believes that they targeted MSPs in order to further infect customers via management software.

Because if you infect a service provider, you infect all of their clients. (I just said something about outsourcing of IT work…)

My take is still that doctors refuse to follow instructions that aren’t provided by doctors of higher status, but a lot of this probably overworked people, and a good phishing campaign. With probably a little bit of “It won’t happen to me! What are the chances?” Welcome to the 21st Century.