Wednesday Link Roundup

Bacon Time!!!! starts us off with Sunday Linkage.

Victory Girls Army Navy Game Triggers Keyboard Warriors
Hogewash Deb Frisch—Again
WUWT Did “Che” Greta Call for Execution of World Leaders Who Defy Her Commands?

Wombat-socho from The Other McCain is up next with In The Mailbox: 12.17.19.

Shark Tank: Democrats Claim DeSantis Is “Suppressing Minority Voices”
Shot In The Dark: Chanting Points Memo – Let’s Make A List, 2020 Edition
STUMP: Mortality With Meep – Top Causes Of Death (Raw Numbers)

Also from Sunday, we have Pirate’s Cove with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup.

  1. Powerline discusses neoliberal crabs
  2. Noisy Room notes socialists running in 2020
  3. neo-neocon covers Dem Hank Johnson’s latest bit of crazy

EBL – Joan Blondell Christmas.

A View from the Beach: Monday RussiaGate
Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon
Diogenes Middle Finger News: A Good Monday Morning

MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… – News/Gun Bits ….

Proving, once again, Leftists are the violent ones…
Reports: Women for Trump Group Attacked at DC’s Willard Hotel–By Democrat Wedding Party Featured

Political Hat – News of the Week (December 15th, 2019).

Greta Thunberg tells cheering crowd ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they do not tackle global warming as she attends climate protest in Turin
The activist accused world leaders of ‘running away from their responsibilities’

Maggie’s Farm – Monday morning links.

Beowulf is Racist
“It’s For Racists!” – Academics Slam Quantum Computing Article For Using The Term ‘Supremacy’
Dems: Trump Reaching Out to Black Voters is “Voter Suppression”

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom – Saturday links + joke.

Seeing like a finite state machine.
Second amendment: Virginians stand their ground on sanctuary counties while the nation watches. Frightened, arrogant anti-gun pols threaten “consequences” — up to and including sending the National Guard in as an occupying force.

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Tuesday (12/17/19).

Rudy Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing Huge Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens And Burisma; Records Show Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Was Poisoned – Gateway Pundit

The Right Way – Top of the News.

Democrat condescension is spawning the Tea Party 2.0 – IOTWreport
These Obama/Trump Voters Are Just Trump Voters Now- American Power
The Left is Having a Meltdown Because Justice Neil Gorsuch Went on Fox News – Free North Carolina

Ace of Spades HQ – The Morning Report – 12/16/19.

Dem Raskin: Trump Could Be Prosecuted in the Future
Nadler on Party-Switching Dem Jeff Van Drew: He’s Reacting to Polls (gee, ya think? – jjs)
The Democrats Are Engaged in a Coup… So, What Do We Do About It?

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: Devin Nunes: The FISA Court and FBI “Dirty Cops” are Working Together to Harm Americans.

More, please: Beltway bureaucrats ‘quitting rather than moving to the U.S. west: Twitchy
California is a wondrous place. I’m leaving: Andrew Malcolm
Thanks, Democrats: America Has World’s Highest Rate of Single-Parent Households: WFB

I leave you with Sunday Funnies from Flopping Aces, The shit I post on Facebook from Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away, Sunday Funnies, 12-15-19 from Stately McDaniel Manor and Monday Memes … From MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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