Statistics Are Racist

Which I suppose means that reality itself is racist and will need to be outlawed. Or something. Wrong Questions/Conclusions: Second City Cop.

Every time we see the ACLU start to spout this nonsense, we always ask:

  • Why are 80-to-85% of the homicides committed by black offenders?

After all, if we’re only supposed to stop black people based on their population, then it only follows that crime numbers should be exactly proportional, too. Right? But they aren’t. Imagine that.

And you have a dozen black aldercreatures DEMANDING increased police presence where 85% of the homicides and shootings are happening. What are the cops supposed to do? You get angry when CPD stops people (and folks), you get angry when we tell everyone to stay fetal.

You can ask similar questions about victims. But then as I said, statistics are racist. And you can find the best Chicago statistics at HeyJackass! And Chicago hits the magic 500 number for 2019 homicides, not counting police and justifiable self-defense.

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