Definitely a Case of Cops Behaving Stupidly

They were searching for a guy who had been arrested 12 hours earlier. Authorities shot a woman during a botched raid at her home. The real suspect was already in jail.

I’d say that they need some new procedures.

Speaking with local media, Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran acknowledged that Rylee was never a suspect and blamed authorities’ errors on a “miscommunication.” Officers were searching for 41-year-old Nicholas McLeod, who, according to jail records, had been booked more than 12 hours earlier on drug charges. Cochran said police would not have gone to the house had they known he was already in custody.

So there will be no one held accountable. As per usual. Cops can show up at your door at any time of day or night, and when they surprise you awake, they can shoot you because you respond to surprise. Good thing we live in a free country, I would hate to live in a police state.

4 thoughts on “Definitely a Case of Cops Behaving Stupidly

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  2. When I first heard about, I immediately doubted the “miscommunication” line. Personally, I think it was deliberate. “Hey, never let a warrant go to waste; we might find something else we can charge.”

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