Bill de Blasio Finally Does Something Right. Left Freaks Out.

Because the groups hated by the Left shouldn’t be offered protection from violence. Blue-Check SJWs Freak Out After NY Mayor Announces Protection for Jews.

Remember the deadly Dec. 10 attack just across the river in Jersey City, which was connected to the Black Hebrew Israelites cult. This followed months of reports of anti-Semitic harassment in New York perpetrated by black teenagers. Because the suspects were “people of color” (POC), these hate crimes were an embarrassment to the Left, which wants to blame Trump for increasing anti-Semitism.

So in response to record levels of antisemitic hate crimes in New York City, Bill de Blasio has promised increased levels of NYPD in the impacted neighborhoods. The Left is melting down.

David Klion is worried that “tens of thousands of people” are going to suffer “real costs” as a result of an increased law-enforcement presence to prevent hate crimes in New York’s Jewish neighborhoods. Klion seems to imply that arresting perpetrators of hate crimes is a bad thing, if the perpetrators are “POC.” Who thinks this way? Commies, that’s who — no joke.

As always, go read the whole thing. The Other McCain is a better writer than I am.