Guns In Church Stop a Crime

So why would you need guns in a house of worship? Gunman shoots 2 at White Settlement church before churchgoers return fire, killing him, officials say.

Because bad guys hate both Christians and Jews, and their houses of worship are targets for attack.

So a guy shows up at a church, opens fire shooting 2 people. 2 members of the congregation return fire, killing the attacker.

Law enforcement officials said Sunday that there was no ongoing threat to the public in connection with the shooting. They praised two churchgoers for killing the gunman.

OK the damn reporters changed that quote above, but I’m leaving it… Here’s a quote from the sheriff they can’t change, though the might delete it later…

“Today evil walked boldly among us,” [Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn] said. “But let me remind you, good people raised up and stopped it before it got worse.”

And if you’re confused about the hate for Jews, see the an earlier post on the stabbing at a Hanukah party.

Hat tip to The Other McCain who notes Don’t mess with Texas.