Chicago & Baltimore: A Tale of Two Cities

But hey, they are woke. Or something. The bloody toll from Baltimore, Chicago’s soft-on-crime mindset. And don’t expect the national media to reflect on how two Democratic-run cities have become such crime disasters.

There were two mass-shootings on Sunday: One in Chicago, the other in Baltimore. So what is the cause?

In Baltimore the poverty rate is down, unemployment is down. In Chicago, public school spending (per pupil) increased a bit more than 20 percent in the past decade.

The more likely culprits of elevated violence: (1) sharp cuts in incarceration, (2) prosecutorial retreat from low-level offenses and drug laws and (3) the alienation of each city’s most capable guardians: cops.

Both states have been reducing incarceration. Dramatically. And Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney Crimeshea Kim Foxx has decided not to prosecute a whole raft of “low-level” crimes. Which, “unexpectedly” caused those crimes to skyrocket. (It is sort of the exact opposite of Broken Windows.)

A third of Baltimore homicide suspects in 2017 committed their alleged offenses while on probation or parole, despite having an average of nearly 10 prior arrests. In Chicago, those arrested for shootings or homicides in 2015-16 had an average of 12 prior arrests.

Because expecting the state to keep violent criminals in prison is unfair. Or something.

Hat tip to Second City Cop who says it is a Policy With a Body Count.

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