“How come they didn’t show a search warrant?”

Good thing we live in a free country; I would hate to live in a police state. Niland family outraged after Marshals invade their home; held at gunpoint.

In a police state cops can show up, without a search warrant, invade your house, damage your property…

A family who’s lived at their home in Niland for 11-years feels unsafe and violated after they say the U.S. Marshals intruded on their home without any decency or respect for their rights.

The US Marshals were “looking for someone.” Of course they are always looking for someone, it is what they do. But they really got things wrong this time.

So they found someone who was, maybe, the right age, but the wrong person. They didn’t seem interested in his ID, or in providing any of their own identification.

“I had to ask four times before I even got anything. They didn’t want to give me anything, I feel like they gave me a fake name, fake badge number, and [officers] just ended up leaving,” Jonathon said.

And then there is the property damage, because cops can’t search anything without breaking shit gratuitously. Hey, it’s fun to break shit, especially if you know you won’t have to pay any damages.

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