Friday Links

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ starts things rolling with a story about what we knew they would say. And, Washington Post Officially Apologizes for Calling Blackface Enthusiast Ralph Northam’s Resignation, Confirming That Blackface Is Okay If You’re a Democrat

So, according to the Marxist Media, Democrat racism isn’t racism, and Democrat racial terrorism is actually Republicans’ fault.

Legal Insurrection – Even CNN Is Calling out Chuck Schumer’s Impeachment Trial ‘Impartiality’ Hypocrisy

The Pirate’s Cove – Surprise: Washington Post Rails Against Firearms After Texas Church Shooting

Victory Girls – Mayor Pete Fails Constitutional History

Krebs on Security has an anniversary. Happy 10th Birthday,

Adaptive Curmudgeon – A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep And AC has written at least one more entry in the saga of the Lesbian Squirrels. (And their quest for world domination.)

Don Surber – 44% of the rich aren’t millionaires.

The Other McCain – Report: Leader of Attack on U.S. Embassy Met With Obama in 2011

Again from Pirate’s Cove – Washington Post Seems Surprised That Anti-Jew Incidents Are Rising Across U.S.

Earthbound Misfit – Do Want, Gun Ed. The new Colt Python will be available January 2nd. I love .357 magnum, but I’m not sure I “need” another revolver.

Power Line – Our under-incarceration problem, anti-Semitism edition

Again from The Other McCain – Feds Say Hanukkah Attacker’s Journals Referenced Black Hebrew Israelite Cult

The media will forget Grafton Thomas as quickly as they have forgotten Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson.

SiGraybeard – It’s an Old Story, But It’s an Interesting Story The movement of the magnetic north pole.

Slow Facts – Virginia Democrats Double Down on Failed Gun Control Plans.

Finally, from The Other McCain – Liberal Jew: ‘Baseless Hatred’ by Blacks Is ‘Stark Contrast’ to White Supremacy.

Translation: Hating Jews is OK if you’re “quasi-progressive.”