Would There Have Been a Protest?

Without the video record, I’m sure there would have been a protest, maybe violent, about an officer involved shooting. Bodycam video shows officers confronting machete-wielding man in Hollywood.

A quick news search has revealed that the national media is trying their best to ignore this story. Aside from the Washington Times, and a handful of media outlets in California, only the CBS local in Boston has picked up on the story, and they mostly reference the CBS LA story from November, which doesn’t include all of the video.

Click thru and scroll down for the video. It includes a warning for “graphic content,” but it is complete. Several different body cameras, police helicopter camera, and even some video from a passer-by’s cellphone.

The most disturbing aspect of the whole thing, is how many times the guy with machete was shot, and still he was coming at the officer.

So is it self-defense when cop does it? Yes.

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