Austin Neighborhood Patrols

So what is deep blue Austin, Texas spending money on aside from things like police and fire protection? North Austin homeowners patrolling neighborhood after increase in break-ins. But it does mean they aren’t getting the police coverage they think they need.

So people breaking into cars overnight is an issue in parts of Austin. So much of an issue that people are getting up in the middle of the night to patrol their neighborhoods.

Video from the neighborhood association show that the break-ins have ramped up over the last several months between 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.

“They come by the car load sometimes and they will just scatter out of the car like ants and hit all the cars in the area and jump back in the car and take off to the next,” said [The Retreat at Tech Ridge HOA Vice President, Cristie] Purple.

The patrols apparently get better response from 911. And media attention usually helps.

Homeowners want more police to patrol the area during that time window. APD is basically saying they don’t have the extra resources. I wonder what Austin is spending money on. Do they pay for “Art in the Park” or something similar? Do they fund a needle exchange?

One thought on “Austin Neighborhood Patrols

  1. Not too original. Same scenario in my neighborhood. Tried my car twice, both times hoodie and pulled sleeve down so no prints on door handle — on one I happened to be watching the monitor and met one walking away from my locked car, lasered him, another doing the same across the street ran out of the darkness; third incident, 4 doors down on the other side of the street they stole a car (1 month after it was paid off) from the driveway, took it 10 miles, and burned it completely. All incidents were just before 0500. This kind of stuff is going on in all kinds of neighborhoods.


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