What Feminists Have Wrought

“Unexpectedly,” men don’t want to associate with women who call them monsters. Why Does @Victoria_Spratt Hate Men?.

As the feminist slogan says, “the personal is political,” and a new generation of “empowered” young women is struggling to come to grips with a simple fact: Men generally don’t like feminists.

Gee, to think that men don’t want to deal with being called “privileged” for the accidents of their birth. Or deal with guilt that they don’t think they should bear, or in general conceal that they might in fact have opinions that differ from the women who want to date them. (Hey, I can empathize. You think there are many lesbians who want to date gun-owning, second-amendment-defending, individual-responsibility espousing women?)

When you do bad things, bad consequences are to be expected, and yet women like Vicky Spratt always seem surprised to discover that fornication — which is what “long-term relationship” means — ultimately results in unhappiness.

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