Why Do I Feel Like They Aren’t Telling Us the Whole Story?

And now coronavirus is in the US. College student quarantined in Texas with suspected coronavirus case.

China extended its severe travel ban to additional cities, cutting off travel for 20 million people during a time when millions are expected to be traveling for Chinese New Year.

So there’s a coronavirus patient in Seattle, and college student in Texas. The Chinese are imposing a large quarantine.

The quarantine began Thursday in Wuhan, the city at the center of the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities shut down transportation in the 11-million-person city, prohibiting people from using buses, trains or ferries, and canceling flights and trains leaving Wuhan.

Those travel restrictions have been extended to the nearby cities of Huanggang [population 6.2 million] and Ezhou [population 1 million], both in China’s Hubei province.

For a virus with 600 cases, and 11 deaths, this would seem to be an extreme response. But then I’m not an epidemiologist.

Here is some info on the virus. Deadly coronavirus outbreak: What to know.

Meanwhile the World Health Organization is saying, “Nothing to see here. Move along.” Or something to that effect.

3 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel Like They Aren’t Telling Us the Whole Story?

  1. They aren’t. China has a big problem and we will also. Some say this could be another Spanish Flu. EMS is already gearing up and making plans.


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  3. They aren’t telling us ‘the whole story’ because nobody knows ‘the whole story’……and won’t know it for quite a while. Things are moving far too fast to stay on top of. Credible reports indicate this particular virus is contagious and transmittable by the carrier BEFORE the infected person becomes obviously symptomatic. That’s a BAD thing. While it’s unlikely to be any worse than the SARS epidemic of a couple decades ago there’s no guarantee of that. It’s going to be at LEAST a week or more before the CDC et.al have a true idea of the extent of this outbreak AND just what the level of morbidity will be. What’s happening in China is a possible indication…..not a prediction of what may happen here.


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