What NOT To Do, If You Hear Gunshots

Guy protecting his property under Missouri law: this story has been in my feeds for a few days. (Mostly because the Left hates gun owners, I think.) Neighbors react after man fatally shoots woman allegedly trying to steal his car.

Five to six gunshots woke up a lot of people in the Marlborough community in the morning. That includes Alma Marley’s husband.

“I jumped up because I hear him, and ran behind him and ran to the window,” she said. “All we seen is a guy coming from that house and walk back to that house.”

So, you hear gunfire, and your first reaction is to go look out the window. Because you have bulletproof glass in all the windows of your home, no doubt. If you hear gunfire, you should probably NOT go to investigate. Just sayin’ that might not be the best course of action. You are free to disagree.

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