Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity

Because I guess people need to know if there is something wrong with their beer. ‘Corona beer virus’ searches suddenly spike on Google after deadly coronavirus outbreak.

To be crystal clear (and we can’t quite believe this might need explaining) there is absolutely zero connection between Corona beer and this deadly virus. So if you’re looking forward to relaxing this weekend with a beer and zesty lime, please do go ahead and indulge.

Now I’m willing to conceded that at least some of this is the result of autocomplete. You start typing in a Google Search bar, and they fill in what they think you are really looking for. It is one of the more infuriating features of Google, and one of the many reasons that I switched to a long time ago.

As for the title to this post…

“Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, from the novel Time Enough for Love

I can’t find a reference to which character spoke that line, but it was probably Lazarus Long.