The Destruction of San Francisco

The breakdown of order begins. Liberalism’s ‘cesspit’?: IAN BIRRELL says tech giants have turned San Francisco into a dystopian nightmare of addiction, homelessness and criminality.

‘Our society is falling apart,’ says Desaulniers.

Gilles Desaulniers has lived in San Francisco for 40 years. He runs a market catering to the needs of the Left Coast. It was 2 markets, but he closed one, and would close this one if he could get out by selling.

Open stealing costing him hundreds per day. Attacked by people in his own store. Drug overdoses in the restroom. People urinating on his door at night.

Living here feels like A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner have both come true.

And Mr. Desaulniers gets extra points for the reference to A Clockwork Orange.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes.

Liberalism is about using taxpayer money to subsidize irresponsible behavior, and then blaming the predicably bad consequences on scapegoats: The “rich,” the “racists,” the Republicans.

The problem is that, in cities like San Francisco — or Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, etc. — there simply aren’t enough of those evil white Republicans around to shoulder the blame. Because the disastrous consequences of liberal policy cannot be plausibly explained by liberal theories of what causes social problems, the explanations they offer become increasingly implausible, and the demonization of their chosen scapegoats becomes ever more extreme.

While the breakdown of society usually follows the imposition of socialist order, (think Venezuela as well as San Francisco) I can never tell if it is planned, or if the socialists are actually surprised. Of course the next step is the implementation of a totalitarian regime, so maybe it is planned. (Are the socialists evil, or just stupid? Probably some of both.)

And when you have the Daily Mail expounding on the problems of liberalism (they are about as far to the Left as the BBC) you are so far around the bend, you can’t even see it in the rear-view mirror.

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  1. Like most people working in electronics manufacturing, I got sent to California a few times. A couple of those were to San Francisco as the gateway to silicon valley. Naturally, whenever a few of us got sent, we’d end up going into the city after hours.

    I’m glad I got to see it when it was still a nice place to see. The last time I was there was in the late ’90s, pretty sure it was ’98. The panhandlers around the waterfront were getting kind of aggressive, but there were no piles of crap, no needles, and no homeless people shooting up. For the only time I ever did this, I brought my wife and paid for everything out of pocket. She’s glad she got to see it before it died.

    One by one, the great cities in the US are winking out into third world status. San Francisco looks like the worst parts of those cities.

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  2. 35 years ago I lived in San Jose. A favorite weekend getaway was to head to the wine country after work on Friday, and stop in the city on the way south Sunday afternoon. It was great. Great restaurants. Great parks and museums. Like you said, I’m glad I saw it before it died.


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