Kimberly Corban – Survivor

Kimberly Corban wants people to know that you can transform yourself from a victim to a survivor, because she did it. She also wants people to stop appropriating her story for fundraising.

Under a cover of darkness, he stalked and broke in to his college victim’s apartment in the early morning hours of May 12th, 2006. When he came upon the 20-year-old woman asleep in her bed, he covered her face and attacked.

But he never imagined he had just awakened a survivor…

Threatening the perpetual-victim state celebrated by the Left, has not made Ms. Corban popular with the Left. (See the link at the bottom.) But then her refusing to march in lockstep with the Right has has a similar effect on people over there, and she’s had problems with them as well.

This is Kimberly Corban’s TEDx Talk. TEDxMileHigh Reset, which as near as I can figure was in December of 2018. (There was also one in 2019, but this video predates that conference.) It is interesting because the audience has no reaction to some of the stuff she is saying. But then she’s an NRA advocate, (or she was) and TED tends to trend to the Left. (Understatement? Perhaps a bit.) But she does manage to get them to see some middle ground.

The best quote: “I’m fiscally conservative, and socially awkward.”

I don’t know if YouTube will complain about privacy with this video the way they go on with music videos, but the link is provided above just in case.

Hat tip to an old post from The Organic Prepper: the Left’s displeasure with Ms. Corban is courtesy of Chris Cuomo. This has been floating around in my drafts folder for quite some time.