Patrick Mahomes Work for Veterans

This is probably old news; I don’t follow sports-ball very much, so maybe all of the pregame hype for the Superbowl covered this already. The Chiefs’ star quarterback spends his free time building houses for veterans – We Are The Mighty.

The second-year QB spent his day off helping build transitional housing for veterans in the Kansas City area with The Veterans Community Project, a non-profit that’s building a specialized community network of tiny homes and services dedicated to supporting every man and woman who served — also known as Tiny Houses for Homeless Vets.

The founder of the Veterans Community Project, Chris Stout, is a former U.S. Army corporal who was wounded in Afghanistan. His own transition into civilian life was marked by trouble with PTSD and employment issues. Though not homeless himself, he told CNN he was shocked at the inefficiencies he witnessed in the programs designed to help vets escape homelessness.

We Are The Mighty is usually worth a look. Entertaining and informative. I’ve linked to a couple of their stories about WWII, but they aren’t just about history.

Oh, and this isn’t the only charity that Mr. Mahomes is involved with. A sports star and role model? I didn’t think they made them like that anymore, and maybe they don’t, but this guy seems to be a genuinely good guy.

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