Ignorance Of History Is No Excuse

But then modern Americans are not only ignorant of history, but of lots of things. America has already had a gay president. (That’s the WaPo: they will throw a hissy fit if you dare to have an ad-blocker installed.)

James Buchanan had the honor of being the first openly gay President. That probably didn’t have anything to do with the disaster that was his tenure in the office.

How do we know Buchanan and King were a couple? In 1844, after King assumed his posting in Paris, Buchanan wrote a letter to a friend, complaining about being alone and not being able to find the right gentleman partner:

Also William Rufus King was a senator from Alabama.

You see Americans want to believe that all of history was like the 1950s. But then the 1950s were an aberration for a couple of reasons.

By not openly discussing this moment, we forget that being gay in the mid-19th century did not automatically exclude a man from national leadership. The idea that some people, including politicians and social leaders, are gay was not news or shocking to our forefathers. Americans generally considered it a private matter, and irrelevant to holding or performing public office. We obscure or even deny all this history, and, consequently, we miseducated our children and misdirect our attention.

But then the Left insists that “History begins with us.” They did that in the Soviet Union, in Mao’s China, and now they are doing it here. And since they virtually control education…