Reality: It’s True, Even If You Wish It Wasn’t

And eventually even Democratic politicians have to admit that reality is true. Usually not until it is too late. (And denial ain’t just a river in Egypt on some topics.) De Blasio admits NYC crime jump is linked to bail reform.

Guess he couldn’t find anything else to pin it on.

Mayor Bill de Blasio linked a recent crime surge in the Big Apple to the state’s controversial overhaul of bail laws Friday, after spending a week dancing around the matter.

Not that it will get changed over a little matter of making the City of New York less safe. After all, it’s a state law. And Albany probably hasn’t seen a huge increase in crime.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

This after a series of high profile attacks where judges released arrestees after particularly violent crimes…..and the shithead(s) went right out and committed the EXACT SAME CRIME within days, even within hours a few times…..and WALKED AGAIN.

The NYPD is in an uproar, along with certain groups who are being repeatedly victimized.

See my previous post for a view of how Chicago is doing the same, crazy thing.

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