When I started paying attention to the music used in TV shows, I discovered some interesting music. While shows that have the budget try to get well known (or up and coming) artists’ songs on their soundtracks, shows that don’t have quite that much budget still want decent music.

Ruelle makes her living off that niche. Her music has been everywhere from Grey’s Anatomy, to Pretty Little Liars, to Riverdale and Sleepy Hollow. She also released 2 indie-pop albums under her birth name (Maggie Eckford) before adopting the stage name, Ruelle (a French word with multiple meanings including “wolf”). That was to mark a change in genre to a darker “cinematic” style. Hence the work for television.

This is “Monsters” by Ruelle. It was the opening song, to the opening of the TV series Shadowhunters. I think I like the song. The verdict is out on the rest of her work.

As I write this, I’ve only seen the pilot of Shadowhunters. It seems to be a Canadian production based on the book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I haven’t read that either. It might have potential, but I would have to seriously go out of my way to see the whole thing. It ran for 3 seasons, and ended last year. Pilots are often strained. Even a first season can be tough (Star Trek: The Next Generation is a case in point. The pilot is awful, and the first season is mostly unwatchable. Mostly.) But it has potential. Here’s the first 2 minutes or so of the pilot of Shadowhunters.

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