Real Costs of Bail Reform

Costs in the form of murders committed. Court records reveal even more men charged with murder, shootings while free on “affordable bail”.

Bail reform is all the rage on the Left. It is unfair to keep people in jail. New York, Chicago, and other places are going nuts for bail reform. But is it fair to the people who are paying the ultimate price?

The Left refuses to acknowledge the carnage. The judge, whose brainstorm this was, said there have been no “horrible incidents” due to his “affordable bail” program.

It’s hard to fathom how Evans would conclude that those murders and shootings committed by persons on affordable bail weren’t “horrible incidents.”

Don’t clutter the issue with facts! They are fighting a war of Social Justice, and you are a racist for bringing facts to the discussion.

There were 7 incidents that came to light after the judge made his pronouncement. Now there are more incidents.

Since November, our team has come across new cases in which men have been charged with killing or shooting people while on affordable bail awaiting trial for serious crimes. Here’s a look at these new “not horrible” situations:

The judge is right about one thing. Violent criminals shouldn’t be in jail because they can’t afford their bail. Violent criminals should be in jail because the judge denied them bail on the basis that they represent a threat to the community. But that isn’t happening either.

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