A Dad Protects His Daughter

What do you think he should have done? Talk sternly to the intruder? Dad tackles burglar after hearing daughter scream, holds him at gunpoint until deputies arrive.

The incident happened Thursday morning at a home on Philadelphia Church Road. Officials say the homeowner was lying in bed when his wife and daughter returned home from a dentist appointment. A short time later, he heard his daughter scream and rushed to her room where he found an intruder.

No word on how old the daughter is.

So would this be better if he had a knife, or a baseball bat? Would he have been able to help capture someone on a bit of a crime spree if he wasn’t armed? How would the good guy being disarmed have made this situation better? I wish the gun-hating Left would have to explain.

In the meantime, self-defense is a human-right.